Sonja Lewis
Memory Care Director

Sonja’s relationship with her 106-year-old grandmother helped make the experience of her becoming the memory care director very adventurous and rewarding. Ever since childhood she would hear wonderful stories about how her grandmother kept a full-time job while also raising 12 children. She watched her grandmother cook large dinners for her church family every Sunday, mow her own lawn, walk one block to her neighborhood beauty shop, and act as a treasurer at her church. Sonja’s grandmother always inspired her with her drive and attitude toward others.

Sonja has worked with seniors for the past 25 years. She thought her plans for her life were to live in New York and become a travel designer, but God had other plans for her.

She started working in a skilled community as a CNA, therapy aide, and as an activity director. Later, her executive director asked her if she would be interested in a challenge. She accepted the challenge that eventually led her to the position as a memory care director, and hasn’t regretted it since.